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Atlanta Home Movers Turn Heads with Custom Truck Wraps

If you discovered a way to move from one location to the next with a minimum of stress and headaches, you know you would choose this route. In and around Marietta, GA, Atlanta Home Movers offer to make your next move a snap. When this business needed help with custom truck wraps, our graphic artists and technicians promised to make this process just as trouble-free and convenient.

Eye-Catching Graphics Products Represent a Brand and Get Attention

Custom Truck WrapsWe met with the client and discussed the look that the company wanted to achieve. The team’s representative wanted to see the corporate name, colors, and tagline displayed on the vehicles. Also, we incorporated a variety of skyline images that catch the eye. They make up the black and white color play of the wrap.

Toward the top, we placed the company’s name, phone number, and an invitation for consumers to check out the business’ Yelp ratings. Toward the bottom, you notice the website address. The overhead cab portions of the trucks repeat the corporate information and tagline. On the backs of the vehicles, you see the same information as well as a little more niche detail. We spelled out some of the services the business offers to its customers.

Making a Great Impression with Mobile Marketing

Custom Truck WrapsFrequent readers of our blog already know that vehicle wraps are excellent advertising tools. They represent your brand and take the information into all the neighborhoods and commercial locales that you drive the car, van, or truck through. But did you know that a good portion of the marketing tool’s success is its artistic merit?

Vehicles are large billboards. Depending on your specific one, it may be taller and wider than most. For this reason, you need to show consumers something that catches the eye. It is not enough to display basic information. Adding graphics is always a good option. Even if it is just your corporate logo, consider that the size and color play present something that is unusual and therefore commands attention.

Custom Truck WrapsIf you have been thinking of advertising with vehicle wraps, consider the little add-ons and special touches that take your display over the top.

  • Perforated window wraps. Your driver can see out, but customers only see windows covered with your advertising information. These products are ideal for the rear and rear side windows.
  • 3D images. Have passersby do the double take with three-dimensional graphics. Some businesses have had such excellent success with the display of an open truck door that motorists stopped to alert the driver.
  • Reflective graphics. If you do a lot of business after dark, why not add graphics that reflect the illumination of oncoming cars? By having your corporate information suddenly light up, you make a great impression and certainly get attention.

Order Your Custom Truck Wraps Today

Custom Truck WrapsIf you are ready to join the mobile marketing revolution, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. We help you put together a look that represents your brand and introduces it to everyone on the roads. Contact us today to get started on the project.

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