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Catamount Constructors Attracts Attention with a Post and Panel Sign in Atlanta GA

You find Atlanta’s location of Catamount Constructors at 1329 Northmeadow Parkway in Roswell. The company is in the business of providing services as general commercial contractors as well as construction management specialists. When the company’s team contacted us to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a post and panel sign in Atlanta GA, we visited with the client for a consultation appointment.

Attract Attention with a Post and Panel Sign

Example of Post and Panel Sign Atlanta GA

After meeting with the customer, we put together a four-foot-by-eight-foot aluminum panel design. A vinyl overlay features Catamount Constructors’ name and logo as well as their three office locations with contact phone numbers across the United States. A website address rounds out the display. The backdrop features the same green and white colors you find on the company’s website. We mounted the product to two four-by-four-by-ten wooden posts that we painted white. This color combination serves to present a harmonious brand message display.

Post and Panel Signage as a Marketing Tool

In construction, contractors and the various trades like to put up this type of signage to advertise their companies. As other businesses in the field send their crews, they notice the names and logos of the represented trades. This allows for the creation of business contacts. In residential home construction, it is an advertisement directed at the consumer. The neighbor who sees the company’s information may make the call to this firm to discuss a home addition.

Example of Post and Panel Sign in Atlanta GA


Did you know that you could also rely on these signs for other uses? When marketing with a monument sign, for example, consider the utilization of a post and panel setup. Instead of brick and mortar construction, this signage is quick and inexpensive to put together. We can use a variety of materials that bespeak your brand and fit in perfectly with the overall ambiance of the area. Moreover, you can add plenty of decorative touches.

  • Illumination. Some panels allow for built-in lighting. Another option is training panel-mounted light sources on the information you display.
  • Decorative posts. Basic wooden posts are only one choice. You might also opt for vinyl, wrought iron, or any other kind of material that would be appropriate. You frequently find this setup in historical parts of town.
  • Attachments. Real estate professionals, in particular, appreciate the opportunity to attach literature pockets to post and panel signs. This allows for the display of brochures and other marketing materials. Restaurants like this setup because they put in flyers with special offers or menus.
  • Multiple display options. The typical sign features one board mounted between two posts. However, this is only one selection. There are plenty of other configurations.

Ordering a Post and Panel Sign in Atlanta GA

If you have been thinking about advertising with a new sign, we can help. Whether you opt for a traditional post and panel setup or want something a little different, our experts can show you the options. Examples include triple-panel and post signs, four-sided markers, and one-post setups.

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