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Choose Aluminum Composite Signs to Communicate with Clients and Customers

Recently, we did some work for Garland Mountain Sporting Clays, which is a facility that offers recreational clay target shooting. As you might imagine, this Waleska, GA, business has plenty of informational signage in place that keeps visitors and customers safe. Case in point is the sign its team asked us to put together for its venue.

Garland Mountain Sporting Clays Uses Aluminum Composite Signs to Communicate with Clients

Aluminum Composite Signs Cherokee County GA

We put together a sign that informs individuals about the need to report to the clubhouse if certain conditions exist. Moreover, it provides safety instructions for processing past the point of its mounting. Our technicians used an aluminum composite material that would allow for extended durability after installation. For the lettering, we imprinted white vinyl with black ink. Next, we installed the vinyl as an overlay. This process prevents peeling of individual letters. With this message in place, the facility enhanced safety for guests and those visiting for an afternoon of target shooting practice.

What Is Behind the Aluminum Composite Name?

Depending on your planned usage for the sign, our technicians might use Dibond or Max Metal. The thickness is typically 3mm, which is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications. When needed, we can use material that allows for a double-sided display of information. Shapes vary, depending on your needs. The standard rectangular shape is well suited for a broad range of sizes. Of course, you might also opt for a custom form that features your logo or any other niche-specific image.

The majority of clients request a printed vinyl overlay. It is also possible to print onto the material directly. We can also paint the sign and apply dimensional letters. For the client who prefers the vinyl overlay or direct imprint, consider the addition of a graffiti-proof coating. This optional feature lets you wipe off spray paint or permanent marker with just a little cleaning solution and elbow grease.

Best Uses for the Signage

Consider the use as a notice that you might install directly to a wall. Real estate professionals use multiple aluminum composite boards as part of post and panel signs. This practice allows for the setup of dual or triple-sided displays. Some business owners ask for the creation of these composite products with routed configurations for insertion into a monument sign installation.

For wayfinding signs, we recommend the shape of an arrow that points in the direction of the target destination. Interior signs that are smaller may combine to produce a message that consists of a variety of different notes and shapes. Hang it in the window for a great eye-catching, informational setup.

Which Messages Do You Want to Alert Customers to Today?

Consider taking a page from the playbook of Garland Mountain Sporting Clays and commissioning aluminum composite signs to communicate with clients or customers. There are plenty of messages that we can present in this manner. Whether you have safety concerns, want to cover all aspects of a legal requirement, or intend to show a sales message, we can help. Call us today to discuss your project!

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