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The City of Canton Identifies Code Compliance Truck with Vehicle Graphics

Businesses are not the only entities that use vehicle graphics. Municipalities, too, take advantage of the name recognition that these products enable. Case in point is the City of Canton. When officials decided that they wanted their code compliance office’s newest truck to stand out more when it is on the road, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

The City of Canton Takes Advantage of Vehicle Vinyl Graphics

vehicle graphicsThe goal was to identify the truck with the color scheme the city chose for its presentation. Moreover, the lettering was to spell out “Code Compliance” and the city’s name to underscore the precise use of the vehicle. On the tailgate, we added a warning to other drivers that this truck makes frequent stops. Doing so prevents a traffic accident if the city employee needs to break suddenly.

The city also asked for a window perf that takes the tasteful presentation of its information to the next level. We added a product to the truck’s rear window that displays the city’s name with its logo in a seemingly etched way. The reason for this product selection is evident when you see the vehicle from behind. It shows the city’s official representation right above the caution notice.

Other Signage Solutions that Cities Use

vehicle graphicsBecause we can quickly produce multiple signage products, municipalities contact us for assistance. Examples might include ADA signs and wayfinding products for the inside as well as building letters, blade markers, and monument signs for the exterior. While the city has to meet the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it also has to provide wayfinding assistance for residents in need of services. We can create standard signage solutions as well as multi-lingual presentations.

Do You Know that Vehicle Wraps, Graphics, and Magnets are Ideal Ad Materials?

You do not have to be a city official to take advantage of the advertising opportunities that vehicle graphics bring to the table. Marketing and branding your business with these signage products makes you stand out in your niche.

It also builds instant credibility. After all, the company that invests in these (budget-friendly) products plainly anticipates being around for a while. In turn, this thought process builds confidence in the consumer, who prefers to do business with a company that will be available to return for future service.

Does Your Business Need Vehicle Graphics?

vehicle graphicsIf you have cars, trucks, or vans that are not yet contributing to your city or company’s name recognition, you can change that today. We gladly work with you to design a presentation that is visually appealing and clearly gets your brand message across. Choose from full or partial wraps, graphics packages, or lettering presentations. If you like, we can also put together vehicle magnets that let you transform a personal vehicle into a company car in an instant.

Doing so is advantageous when you frequently find yourself in the field without having the opportunity to stop by the office first. Placing the magnet on the vehicle presents credentials for you and markets the entity you represent. Call us today to learn more about your options.

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