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Momentum Holistics Brands with Storefront Sign and Monument Tenant Panel Sign!

The impulse stop is the precursor to the impulse buy. It is one of the main reasons why so many companies display a customized storefront sign and monument tenant panel sign in Holly Springs, GA. Case in point is Momentum Holistics. Located at 400 Argonne Terrace, the business provides family yoga, Tai Chi, and Reiki classes. When the management team wanted to ensure that passersby would notice the location, its representative contacted the signage pros at PrimeTime Signs & Graphics for help.

Reeling in Foot Traffic with a Monument Sign

Monument Sign in Holly Spring GA

After consulting with our client, we visited the location for a closer look at the existing monument sign. Because the company does business among The Shoppes at Harmony North Village, there was already a pedestal monument sign in place. The company was given second from the top billing, which allows for excellent visibility. We designed, manufactured, and installed an aluminum tenant panel insert with a vinyl overlay that features the company’s name and iconic logo. We also manufactured and installed a storefront panel sign that features their font and the company logo.

Storefront Sign in Holly Springs GA

By featuring the business’ font that clients recognize from the website, wayfinding is a snap. We repeated the signage design for a building sign right above the window that also displays the “Open” message. Doing so offers a visual enhancement of the company’s brand. It signals to passersby that now is a great time to come in and check out what goods and services there are. Doing so courts the impulse stop, which can have a significant effect on monthly sales.

Choosing a Monument Sign

There are plenty of style options to choose from. Our experts will help you to put together a product that encapsulates your brand message.

  • Aluminum. You can never go wrong with aluminum. The versatile material may be routed and shaped in any form you like. Add vinyl overlays with your imprinted information for gradient color displays. Facings can also take on the form of dimensional letters.
  • Pre-fabricated foam. These monument types are popular right now because they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and design styles. The foam is durable and can mimic virtually any material, including bricks, rocks, and lumber. Dimensional letters make great facings.
  • Brick and mortar; concrete. The traditional brick and mortar monument is labor-intensive, but its durability is measured in spans of decades. Another option is the concrete product that is easy to reproduce, which makes it ideally suited for municipalities and franchises. Choose a variety of facings including channel letters.

Before making a final selection, invite us out for a site survey. We will take measurements, explain local zoning rules, which determine signage heights, and advise you concerning lettering seizes. In some cases, the addition of illumination works to your advantage.

Do You Need a Storefront Sign and Monument Tenant Panel Sign?

Does your business have the right signage in place to encourage the impulse stop? If your monument sign is not up to par, you might not. In fact, if you do not yet have one, you may be missing out on plenty of business opportunities. Our signage specialists gladly show you the many options open to you. Call us today to learn more.

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