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ProSpec Gets Attention with a Vehicle Wrap and Custom Vehicle Lettering in Canton GA

ProSpec Inspection Services serves clients in and around Northern Georgia. This team of experts checks HVAC systems, roofs, and joists. It provides thorough mold inspections. Standard home inspections include the little extras that most other pros forget. When the company’s owner decided to join the mobile marketing revolution, the team contacted our shop to discuss a vehicle wrap and custom vehicle lettering in Canton GA.

Differentiating the Brand from Competitors in the Niche

Vehicle Wrap and Custom Vehicle Lettering in Canton GAThere is a lot that you can do with vehicle wraps and graphics. For ProSpec, the goal was two-fold: introduce consumers to the business and set apart the brand from the competition. Doing both with one graphics product was easy. We worked with the team to put together a look that bespeaks the brand introduction customers see online when visiting the company’s website.

From there, we created a look that puts the company’s name and logo as the focal point of the design. Contact information displays in the online color. To make this information pop, we added a thin white outline to create a semi-3D effect. Standing out is easy with a menu of services. By underscoring what this business does, we helped the client to differentiate the firm from others providing inspection services. We put identical information on both sides with a website address only on the truck’s tailgate.

Now, the corporate vehicle markets, brands, and stands out anywhere when driving on the road or parking in an area.

How to Use a Vehicle for Mobile Marketing

Vehicle Wrap and Custom Vehicle Lettering in Canton GAThere is a graphics product for every budget.

  • Full wrap. Envision your company’s information displayed on a car, truck, or van’s entire surface. The larger the vehicle, the more impressive the display will be. In this way, you can advertise products, services, or even just a brand message for the first introduction to a new service territory.
  • Partial wrap. Consider a three-quarter, half, or quarter wrap. We cover the desired portion of the vehicle with colorful images and lettering. Our artists can fluidly incorporate the paint job or provide a succinct border. It is up to you.
  • Lettering and graphics. Combine logo graphics with lettering that spells out your information. Doing so has the added advantage of leaving you plenty of room for services menus or co-branding with suppliers.
  • Spot graphics. The spot graphics let us use a niche image and overlay it with lettering. It is an excellent choice for roof or hood displays.

Do You Still Need a Vehicle Wrap and Custom Vehicle Lettering in Canton, GA?

Vehicle Wrap and Custom Vehicle Lettering in Canton GAMobile marketing is a fantastic way of introducing your targeted demographics to your products or services. Replacing billboards with their hit-or-miss locations as well as newspaper ads that are more likely to get recycled than read, advertising with graphics and lettering on your business’ car, truck, or van makes the most sense. Take it to where you do business or want to expand to. Prospective customers see the information. From there, it is a small step to seeing inquiries increase.

Call us today to find out how we can customize a vehicle wrap or graphics product for your company.

Vehicle Wrap and Custom Vehicle Lettering in Canton GA