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SmallCakes Cupcakery and Creamery Makes an Impression with Exterior Channel Letters in Canton GA

You find the Canton location of the SmallCakes Cupcakery and Creamery at 8014 Cumming Highway. It is a local favorite. With the slogan, “Maybe a Cupcake Will Help,” you know it has to be good. When this franchise needed exterior channel letters in Canton GA, its management team contacted our signage pros for assistance.

Illuminated Channel Letters Assist with Marketing, Branding, and Wayfinding

exterior channel letters in Canton GAAfter meeting with our client, we put together a channel letter sign that matches the franchise’s specifications. Our technicians shaped the letters to display the venue’s iconic font. Because these are front-lit letters, we closed them with acrylic fronts that feature the white center with the pink outline.

Right underneath, we placed an elongated and rounded lightbox cabinet that features the “Cupcakery and Creamery” notation. Both style elements light up after dark. “SmallCakes” displays with a bright white and pink tint while the lettering right underneath is more muted but also presents in white. This signage setup ensures that the business stands out in its setting, features the brand message, and encourages the impulse stop.

Mounting Channel Letters to a Façade

exterior channel letters in Canton GAWe adapt our installation techniques to suit the needs of your business, your taste, and your façade’s makeup.

  • Flush mount. In this scenario, we attach the lettering directly to your wall. It gives the sign’s appearance a neat look. But we can only do so if we have a way to access the backs of the letters from behind the wall. If ducts or other structures are in the way, it may be better to choose a different setup.
  • Raceway mounts. The raceway is a thin box that we paint in the color of the façade. It blends in perfectly. In fact, we used this technology with SmallCakes Cupcakery and Creamery. Our technicians mount the back of the box to the wall, insert the electrical components, close the receptacle, and mount the letters to its front. This installation method looks professional and does an excellent job at adding a three-dimensional look and feel to the setup.
  • Standoffs. We typically use standoffs when working with halo-lit channel letters. Adding a space of two inches between the letters and the wall lets the illumination reflect off the building’s wall. This installation method, in turn, creates the halo effect.

Adding a Lightbox Cabinet to the Design

exterior channel letters in Canton GAWe typically use lightbox cabinet technology to feature a logo. However, in some situations, we can also display additional text in this manner. For this client, it was the second portion of its name that presents in this way. Other business clients have asked us to create lightboxes for decorative touches such as flowers or even just shapes that underscore the company’s branding.

When you are thinking of adding exterior channel letters in Canton GA, to your signage setup, we can help. Whether you need help with the design of the look or you require us to follow the instructions of a franchisor’s licensing agreement, our technicians get the job done. We handle the design, manufacturing, and installation of the product. Contact us today to get started on your project!

exterior channel letters in Canton GA