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Spruce up Your Car’s Look with the Vinyl Stickers Canton GA Talks About

You have seen the “New Year, new you” posts all across social media. Why not extend their meaning to include your car? For many, the ride is an extension of the driver’s personality. At PrimeTime Signs & Graphics, we have plenty of experience with transforming the average daily driver from drab to fab.

You Already Know That We Do Body Stripes

Vinyl Stickers Canton GAOne of the most challenging after-market car beautifications is the racing stripe. The vinyl stickers Canton GA, automotive shops sell in kits look great, but they are difficult to put on for a novice. Also, what happens when you want two of them, ideally spaced, across the hood, roof, and back of the car?

Not too long ago, we did car body stripes for a Ford Mustang. The car looked great in its own right, but the upgrade via the stripes puts it into a new category. That said, not everyone has a muscle car or wants this type of body stripe setup.

Custom Purple Stripes for a Kia Soul

Vinyl Stickers Canton GAThe Kia Soul is a nice-looking car that is ideal for driving the kids to practice, going to work, and heading to the grocery store. A set of racing stripes would look out of place. But when a client asked us for a custom look that would be playful and cool, we were glad to help.

We designed a multi-color, multi-stripe appearance that plays off the vehicle’s paint job. The primary set of stripes goes across the hood and roof. It goes down the back hatch. Next, we treated the rocker panels on the sides. These stripes wrap around the vehicle. The finished look is sporty, playful, and makes the car stand out in all the right ways.

How About Adding the Vinyl Stickers Canton GA, Car Aficionados Talk About?

Vinyl Stickers Canton GAHave you been thinking about upgrading the look of your personal car? It is a common misconception that we only work with commercial fleet vehicles. Our graphic artists also work with any car owner who wants to turn a standard vehicle into a work of art that gets noticed.

Racing stripes are only the beginning. We gladly also treat rocker panels or add spot graphics to your roof or hood. Another favorite is the color change wrap. If you have ever seen a car that seemed to shimmer and shine at the traffic light, it probably had a color change wrap applied to it.

Getting Help on Your Vehicle’s Visual Upgrade

Vinyl Stickers Canton GAStop buying striping kits that promise the moon but fail to deliver. Our graphic artists can help you put together a unique package that customizes the stripe’s length and width to match your car’s make and model. Also, we help you pick a color that is as unique as the impression you want to make with the car.

Our experts serve the business communities – and car owners – in and around Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming, and Metro Atlanta. Contact us today to find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd with an upgraded car look.

Vinyl Stickers Canton GA