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Sunny Side Church of God Welcomes Guests with Effective Parking Lot Signs in Woodstock GA

Parishioners and their guests find the Sunny Side Church of God at 2510 East Cherokee Drive. This neighborhood church works hard to make members and first-time attendees feel welcomed. Because guests frequently feel intimidated by attending a new church, the community’s welcome committee decided to apportion some parking spots specifically for newcomers. A representative contacted our sign shop to discuss the design and installation of parking lot signs in Woodstock GA.

A Parking Lot Sign Provides Wayfinding Assistance

Sunday morning in a typical church parking lot can get hectic. Making things run more smoothly is possible with the right signage in place. When we met with our client, the committee requested an official parking lot sign that would identify parking spots but also feature a brand message. In response, we designed and installed an aluminum sign with rounded corners.

Our technicians chose a ten-foot beam for the installation. The face of the sign features a vinyl overlay. We imprinted it with the church’s name and logo presentation. It highlights the guest parking area with an arrow that points in both directions to a row of spots. Now, first-time guests have an easy time locating parking spots no matter how busy things might be when they arrive.

Who Needs Parking Lot Signage?

Parking Lot Signs in Woodstock GAOf course, you do not have to be in charge of overseeing a church property to order parking lot signs. In fact, there is a broad range of applications for these signage solutions.

  • Reserved parking. Property managers reserve parking spots for apartment rentals, commercial venues, and organizations. Doing so prevents visitors to nearby businesses from taking over parking spots that tenants are paying for.
  • ADA signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires proper outdoor signage that identifies accessible parking spots for people affected by the Act. This signage setup calls for the use of high-contrast colors and specific images.
  • “No Parking” signs. Conversely, some areas are off limits for parking. You may wish to prevent customers from blocking entryways or parking in fire lanes. In public parking lots, there are rules that apply to oversized vehicles and overnight parking. Present this information with signage that alerts drivers of possible tow-away zones.

Designing the Marker with Your Needs in Mind

The church’s committee asked for a sign that would feature its brand message. Some stores opt for similar designs when asking for parking lot markers that identify the spots allotted to the venue. In other cases, you may find ornately shaped signage that underscores the ambiance of the business. Choose this approach when you want to bring your brand message into the parking lot, too. We can adjust the color and font of the design in keeping with this message.

Ordering Parking Lot Signs in Woodstock GA

Whether you want standardized parking lot signage or need something that is truly unique, we can help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists. We can also help you decide on the use of anti-graffiti coatings that protect your signage investments from taggers. Call us today to get started on your project.

Parking Lot Signs in Woodstock GA