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Top 5 Trade Show Banners Woodstock GA Business Owners Need

The trade show banner is a versatile display. Sure, you typically take it on a tour of the trade show circuit when you connect with business clients and prospective customers. But the trade show banners Woodstock GA, business owners might commission also work great as lobby displays, client education pieces, and portable features for local sales presentations. What are your options?

Retractable Banner Stands

trade show banners Woodstock GAThe retractable trade show banner is an ideal setup. Choose vinyl or fabric for the material. Rich, colorful imprints allow for single or double-sided presentations. The banner rolls up inside a cassette that doubles as the stand. If you want to switch displays, simply change cassettes.

Step and Repeat Banners

You see these products on the red carpet and at charity events. Usually, the banners act as a background for photo opportunities. Sponsors feature their names and logos. At a trade show setting, position a step and repeat banner where you know that plenty of footage will be taken. With your corporate name and logo in place, your information will show up online and in print.

Custom X Banners

The X refers to the configuration of the stand. These one-sided banners are easy on the wallet and look sleek in your lobby. Choose vinyl as the medium for the imprint. They are ideal for artistic presentations, avant-garde ads, and grand opening celebrations when you want to draw attention to a logo and special offers.

Hanging Banners

trade show banners Woodstock GADraw the eye with hanging banners. At a trade show, going tall ensures that people see you from across the hall. In a large vestibule, this banner style provides easy visibility of a message from all sides. Shapes and sizes vary. Some products are circular in design while others consist of three or four-sided presentations. Choose a single-tier setup or opt for multiple panels one over the other.

Tabletop Banners

Our discussion of the trade show banners Woodstock, GA, companies invest in would be incomplete without including the tabletop setup. These products are smaller than their full-sized counterparts. They fit perfectly onto a display table with a customized throw. Companies typically use them as a means to restate a brand message and provide product specs. In so doing, these signage solutions support and expand on the information that larger banners display.

Designing the Ideal Woodstock Trade Show Banner

trade show banners Woodstock GAOur graphic artists routinely work with businesses to put together eye-grabbing products that get results. We can use images that you already have on file or design something entirely new from the ground up. In the process, we include your brand message, advertising copy, and feature details that you want targeted customers to see. For multi-functional banners, we help you choose the right material and display style.

Many clients like the idea of using the signage long after they finished their trade shows appearances. If you are unsure what product type would be right for you, our experts can give you input. We can meet your budgetary requirements and time constraints. Call us today to get started on your project!

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