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PrimeTime Signs & Graphics routinely works with business owners who want to address their customers with messages that get seen. Among the most visible products currently on the market are custom banners in Alpharetta GA. Here is what you need to know about your options.

Choose Single or Double Sided Displays

custom banners in Alpharetta GAWhenever possible, opt for a double-sided display. It gives you more options. Consider that the banners are very durable. You may reuse them for years to come. Although you are thinking of hanging the banner on your façade this year, next year you might decide to display it in a window. In this situation, it would be great to have an identical marketing message on its back for people looking at the banner from the other side.

Pole Pockets Enable the Damage-Free Display of the Message

custom banners in Alpharetta GAOrder your vinyl banner with a pole pocket. It ensures that the sign hangs perfectly from the post. The banner’s weight keeps the product hanging straight. Grommets are an alternative. They let you thread a rope through the holes for securing the item. Could up order a vinyl banner without either one? Sure. However, doing so may lead to damage of the material when you display it.

How to Prevent Wrinkles

Have you ever seen a banner display that shows some wrinkling? Avoid this problem by storing the vinyl properly. Never fold the banner when it is not in use. Instead, roll it up tightly and store it by laying it down on its side. Do not put other products on top of the banner. Moreover, be careful when moving it so that you do not inadvertently wrinkle the vinyl.

What Can You Do with Vinyl Banners in Alpharetta?

custom banners in Alpharetta GAAdvertising is, of course, the number one priority when choosing banners. You can do so with a range of attention-getting messages and methods.

  • Announcements. Announce a grand opening, a reopening, your rebranding, the new management team that took over, or the arrival of a much-looked-for product. Your corporate persona should feature front and center. Next, add bold, bright graphics and lettering that get the point across.
  • Seasonal relevance. How could you serve your customers this holiday shopping season? What do you have that parents going back-to-school shopping might appreciate? How can your services be helpful during this season? There is no end to the possible messages that you can display to highlight your seasonal relevance.
  • Event signage. Take your announcement banner a step further and augment its message with an event banner. This practice gives you another opportunity to showcase all your branding while advertising to interested consumers.

How to Order Custom Banners in Alpharetta, GA

Start your project by discussing your plans with our graphic artist. We help you with the design of the product, the material selection, and talk through your mounting options as well. Moreover, if you are not sure whether vinyl is the right answer, we can also help you with fabric banners.

PrimeTime Signs & Graphics proudly serves the business communities in and around Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, Woodstock, Marietta, Roswell, and the Metro Atlanta area.


custom banners in Alpharetta GA

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