AED Brands with Storefront Graphics in Canton GA

Located at 226 Brown Industrial Parkway, AED is short for Atlanta Electrical Distributors. The firm works with contractors in the residential and commercial trades. The Canton facility features 20,000 square feet of display space for materials and lighting fixtures. To advertise its brand message, the company’s management team contacted PrimeTime Signs & Graphics to put together storefront graphics in Canton GA.

Window Graphics Brand AED’s Storefront

storefront graphics in Canton GAThe first graphic is a door decal. It displays the company’s name in its iconic red colors. Customers recognize the red on black display from the service business’ online presence. Taking up the upper third of the glass door, the sticker ensures that shoppers know they came to the right place.

The next set of three graphics displays on the venue’s side windows. Full coverage of the glass prevents people from looking inside. The red on black setup now displays on a white background. This color combination presents the visual contrast that passersby and motorists respond to.

Featuring a Signage One-Two Punch

storefront graphics in Canton GAIt is not unusual for business owners to commission multiple storefront graphics that appeal to consumers on the outside. The goal is to get the attention of those who might be walking or driving by. Some will notice one sign or the other. However, far more will see a signage combination.

By the way, this understanding also applies to your storefront’s interior. Examples of excellent pairings abound.

  • Window graphics and floor stickers. The window graphic invites the shopper to learn more about a brand or offer. It supports the building sign by expanding on its message. That said, you can go beyond this obvious pairing by adding floor stickers to the mix. They provide the exterior-to-interior progression of the message.
  • Aisle signs and point of sale signage. The aisle sign is primarily a wayfinding product. It displays your brand colors and font selection. Points of sale signs focus on a product pairing. However, they do a lot more. For example, when you emphasize specific brands, you can create awareness in the consumer by connecting colors, fonts, and corporate symbols.
  • A-frames and ceiling-mounted banners. The A-frame is ideally suited for changing sales messages. Choose a design that supports a sign pocket. We can paint the item in your brand color. Ceiling-mounted banners echo the color scheme but display one specific advertising message. It encourages the formation of brand knowledge.

How to Order Storefront Graphics in Canton, GA

PrimeTime Signs & Graphics serves the business communities in and around Canton, Cumming, Alpharetta, Metro Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, and Woodstock, GA. When you are ready to address the consumer with one or more storefront graphics in your area, we can help. Our graphic artist assists you with the design of a setup that encapsulates your brand message.

Moreover, we can show you how to pair the product with similar markers for best success. If you already have several signage products on your property, we can adjust the design to fit right in – or stand out, depending on your needs. Contact us today to get started on your project!

storefront graphics in Canton GA

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