Ball Ground Upper Cervical Chiropractic Uses Interior Signage for Branding on Social Media and Beyond

You find Ball Ground Upper Cervical Chiropractic at 11027 Ball Ground Highway. Experts at this facility combine evidence-based treatments with cutting-edge technology to offer you the level of care that makes you feel better and provides measurable outcomes. When the office’s management team decided to boost its brand appeal, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Interior Signage for Branding in Ball Ground, Georgia

interior signage for branding in Ball Ground GAWe met with the client and put together the specs for an interior sign. It follows the chiropractic office’s corporate persona display online. The marker is round, features the clinic’s name, and presents the logo in the middle. Our team used a matte finish, which works well with the nearby illumination.

It prevents the type of glare that would otherwise make it difficult for people to take in the sign’s details. This lobby sign displays with its good looks that impress against the wood board backdrop. We mounted a second, similar, sign at the end of a long hallway. It reinforces the brand message. The staff frequently uses the lobby sign as the backdrop for social media messages and product advertisements.

What Can You Do with Lobby Signs?

interior signage for branding in Ball Ground GAYou already know that the lobby sign is the first comprehensive combination of marketing and branding messages that your customer sees. However, its functions go further. Take a page from the playbook of Ball Ground Upper Cervical Chiropractic, and use the lobby sign as a background for photos when introducing new interns, showing off merchandise, or creating social media posts.

Another function is the creation of brand awareness. Clients take in the colors and shapes of your logo along the written word. It forms the connection between the two in the consumer’s mind. Now, they can bring to mind your brand even if they only see a color or a particular font. Consider the success that fast food restaurants have had with this method, and make it your own.

Creative Ways of Using Interior Signs as Branding Tools

The lobby sign is only one idea. There are plenty of additional choices.

  • Wall graphics. Turn a focal wall into a brand message. Share your corporate history, outline your charted growth plan, or feature quotes by thought leaders in your company. Add renditions of your lobby sign in graphic form to boost branding.
  • Window graphics. Does your office have plenty of glass surfaces inside? If it is like most other modern venues, it probably has quite a few see-through panels. We recommend using frosted vinyl with etched renditions of your name and logo. If you have a colorful setup, we gladly also print the information onto the vinyl itself.
  • Floor graphics. One of the most under-utilized signage products is the floor graphics. It is a good option for tiles, wood, and even carpeting. Installation methods ensure the longevity of the product. For conference rooms, large lobbies, and other spaces that need a little extra marketing and branding help, this is a good choice.

Learn more about interior signage for branding in Ball Ground GA, and surrounding areas. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and start on your next signage project.

interior signage for branding in Ball Ground GA

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