Blessed Up Barber Shop Ups Its Game with Channel Letters in Marietta GA

Located at 2543 Bells Ferry Road, the Blessed Up Barber Shop caters to a clientele that wants precision haircuts. Children and adults are welcome. You might remember this client because we did vinyl banners for the shop in the past. Before investing in channel letters in Marietta GA, the shop reeled in the foot traffic with temporary signage. Finally, it was time for the permanent sign.

Channel Letters Transform the Appearance of the Barber Shop’s Façade

channel letters in Marietta GAThe shop has an overhang in front of it. It is the ideal location for a building sign. The back of the protrusion is painted red, which differentiates the place from neighboring companies with a white color. Right behind the lettering, the white of the original color shines through.

Next, we designed a channel letter sign that displays the Blessed Up name and features the iconic barber poles as well as the logo image, which is part of the corporate persona. We installed these style elements with a raceway, which hides all of the electrical components for the sign. Right underneath, you notice a lightbox cabinet that displays the niche with white lettering against a black backdrop.

During the day, this sign is eye-catching and makes branding a snap. However, after dark, this sign truly shines. The letters light up white. The same is true for the many of the style elements. As a result, it is easy for prospective clients to find this barber shop. In the process, the business reinforces brand awareness among current and future customers.

Channel Letter Installation Options

channel letters in Marietta GAThe raceway method is a favorite among management companies and businesses that cannot access the letters’ wiring from behind the facades. It is easy to see why. A narrow box holds all the electrical components that you need to operate the sign. If the product ever needs servicing, doing so is as easy as opening up the box and handling the repairs.

Because we paint the box in the same color as the façade, it fades into the background. After dark, when the lights come on, it all but disappears. Another advantage of this installation method is the opportunity of incorporating a logo graphic into the mix. In the past, many business owners would commission separate lightbox cabinet that we would mount above or next to the company’s name.

Now, we can integrate some of them with the lettering. The trick here is to select a size and shape that works for the overall sign design. Another installation option is the use of a board that we paint in a contrasting color that nevertheless can be a part of your corporate palette. It offers another opportunity at including different tones while also boosting the visibility of the sign.

Ordering Channel Letters in Marietta GA

channel letters in Marietta GAImpress consumers with illuminated signage. Make an excellent first impression and provide the wayfinding assistance that your customers need. Our sign shop can help you with the design of the signage as well as handle the manufacturing and the installation. Contact us today.

channel letters in Marietta GA

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