Branding with an Artistic Logo Display in Atlanta GA

Located at 980 Johnson Ferry Road NE in Suite 110, Val Plastic Surgery offers solutions for the body, face, and breasts. Dr. Sybile Val is a trained microsurgical expert who also specializes in non-surgical solutions for her patients. To set the tone for client interactions, the ambiance of the clinic’s reception area is vital. When the office’s management team decided that it needed a more visible presence of the logo display in Atlanta GA, its representative contacted us for assistance.

A Logo Represents the Brand in the Most Perfect Way Possible

Artistic logo display in Atlanta GAVal Plastic Surgery presents the stylized body of a woman as part of its brand display. We designed a product that uses painted PVC as the base material for the outline. Next, our technicians covered it with a reflective chrome vinyl overlay. The resulting look is professional, stylish, and perfectly suited to represent the office’s brand message.

Although the sign looks as though it had been crafted from metal, it is a far less expensive option. The process makes it affordable and lightweight, which is ideal for the larger setup. We mounted the logo above a seating area, where it adds pizzazz and sophistication.

How to Position Your Logo to Its Fullest Advantage

Artistic logo display in Atlanta GATake a page from the playbook of Val Plastic Surgery. Repeat the display separated from the text of your lobby sign in the foyer. By increasing the size of the symbol and incorporating it into the overall interior décor of the venue, you succeed in repeating the information. Doing so supports the development of brand awareness, which refers to a customer’s ability to connect a symbol to a particular service or product selection.

Of course, you do not have to limit your logo display to just the reception area. There are plenty of other options, too.

  • Cutouts. We can create cutouts that stand up larger than life in your establishment’s aisles. If you represent multiple brands, you can combine your symbol with others for a co-branding message. This process encourages customers to connect your store with the popular brands of products they routinely seek out. Next time shoppers are in the market for a particular item, they will visit your store rather than the competition.
  • Retractable banner stands. Service providers have had excellent success with the display of banner stands that feature their logos as backdrops for images of happy clients enjoying the services they offer.
  • Window graphics. Use your glass panes as advertising surfaces. You appeal to passersby and introduce your brand to consumers who may not usually seek out the items you sell.

Discuss a New or Upgraded Logo Display in Atlanta GA, with an Expert in the Field

Artistic logo display in Atlanta GAThe logo makes a significant difference in the way a consumer interacts with your brand. You can present it as an optional part of a lobby sign or make it a focal point that stands alone. Our graphic artists can work with you to discover the best way of representing what you stand for. We routinely work with members of the business communities in and around Atlanta, Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, and Cumming. Call us today to get started on your project.

Artistic logo display in Atlanta GA

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