Broaden Brand Knowledge Among Consumers with Banners in Marietta GA

Located at 1395 Cobb Parkway North, Garrett Truck & Van Sales is your go-to solution for work truck customization. Whether you need shelving, partitions, ladder racks, or toolboxes, this company will install it for you. However, when the management team realized that some consumers did not know about the full extent of the work the company offered, it contacted our shop to commission branding banners in Marietta GA.

A Banner Emphasizes Brand Knowledge among Consumers

The banner features the company’s name and contact information. It underscores the fact that the business provides pre-owned truck and van sales. It also highlights some of the services the store offers. As a result, shoppers, as well as passersby, now know that Garrett Truck & Van Sales creates a full-service environment for customers.

The Importance of Brand Knowledge

banners in marietta gaYour customers know your company’s name. They might even know what niche you are in. But do they also know the details of the services or products that you provide? These details differentiate you from the competition. They make the difference between a shopper visiting your location or driving on to the competitor down the street.

Brand knowledge goes hand in hand with brand awareness. Brand knowledge refers to the details of your services menu. Brand awareness means that shoppers can connect your name and logo to the products that you sell. For an incoming business, this aspect of brand-building is vital. The same is true for companies that are seeking to expand into new service territories.

How Signage Helps Customers Make the Connection

Banners are ideally suited for all types of brand-building. They are reusable, which lets you display them at different times. Moreover, they are portable. As such, you can take them to sales events, shows, or bring them out to the parking lot sales special that you are hosting. Moreover, consumers typically connect a banner to a temporary offer. Since this frequently refers to a savings special, they pay attention to the signage.

Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to banners alone. Other brand-building signs include window graphics that you might display at your storefront. Rely on these signage solutions when you want to expand on the marketing and branding messages that your building signs already send. Window graphics and A-frames are excellent combinations. One slows down the foot traffic while the other one presents your branding.

How to Order Banners in Marietta GA

Discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Take a page from the playbook of Garrett Truck & Van Sales, and showcase a menu of services that augment your corporate persona display. Add contact information for the consumer who wants more information right then and there. Go as tall and wide as you like.

Moreover, we can create a standard white backdrop with brand color features or put together something that has more color plays. Vinyl is always a good option for its durability. If you anticipate outdoor displays during windy times, we recommend vinyl mesh that lets the wind pass right through the material. Contact us today to learn more!

banners in marietta ga

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