Dimensional Letters Welcome Learners and Brand the Goddard School in Woodstock GA

You find The Goddard School of Woodstock at 3115 Parkbrooke Circle. This private preschool features a play-based curriculum and is a member of the prestigious Goddard Systems, Inc. franchise. Recently, the administration contacted us to discuss the design and installation of interior dimensional letters in Woodstock GA.

Welcoming Learners and Parents with Dimensional Letters

interior dimensional letters in Woodstock GAThe goal of the school is to prepare its young learners for success. Helping them to feel welcome is the first step. We worked with the administration to create font-centric lettering as well as a rendition of the corporate logo. The lettering spells out a welcome message that we mounted above the entrance. There, the white coloring contrasts beautifully with the darker wall surface. Moreover, the stylized logo required expert care when spacing its style elements.

The second set of dimensional letters spells out a motivational message for its students. Parents appreciate seeing the philosophy of the school set up in this manner. It is a strong reminder of what learning is all about. Once again, the light-colored lettering stands out perfectly from the darker backdrop. This signage combination now sets the tone for parents, visitors, and staff members at the facility.

Communicating Your Brand with Interior Dimensional Letters

interior dimensional letters in Woodstock GAMost business owners associate the lobby sign with the premier interior lettering opportunity for brand communication. This is, of course, correct. However, there are additional options.

  • Wayfinding signage. Choose dimensional letters for your wayfinding needs. We can design them to meet ADA standards. Moreover, by combining at least one of your brand colors with a sharp contrast tone, you can make your font stand out even more.
  • Value message. What sets you apart from competitors in your niche? A motto, tagline, or quote can communicate your values. Choose words from your founder or a message that is sure to resonate with your targeted consumer demographic.
  • Room labeling. Some business clients have had excellent success with larger-than-life room labeling. In this way, the dimensional letters take on artwork quality while playfully featuring your brand tones as well as the font that your customers are used to.

Ordering Dimensional Letters in Woodstock GA

How do you want your location to stand out today? Start by selecting the areas for the lettering displays. Our team can help you make the right selection when there are multiple possibilities. Next, choose a material that will help to encapsulate your brand message.

Accounting firms and other companies in the financial sector favor metal. Business customers in the retail environment favor acrylics. Educators, doctors, and other companies also like acrylic but do well with PVC, sign foam, and laminate presentations as well. Of course, if you want to go for the gusto with an impressive letter depth, sign foam is your best option.

Our graphic artist can help you translate your vision for the signage into a tangible product. We show you what the proposed dimensional letters setup looks like before we start the manufacturing process. Contact us today to get started on your project!

interior dimensional letters in Woodstock GA

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