★ Exterior Signs ★

Spell out your company’s name with channel letters. They feature a sturdy aluminum construction with acrylic or polycarbonate facings. We mount these products to companies’ building facades where they beckon to prospective customers or clients. Acting as wayfinding signs, they also assist businesses to stand out within shopping centers or malls. Installation is a snap. You may either opt for individual mounts that attach directly to your building’s front or choose a raceway that we paint in the same color as your façade.

Defining Channel Letter Signs

Choose lit or unlit designs. When you select an illuminated product, the light (usually) comes from individually installed LEDs. Even here, you have options.

  • Front lit. The standard channel letter allows the light to escape through the front. Colorful polycarbonate facings show off your company’s color or any other hue that you choose.
  • Backlit. This design calls for a sealed face. We use aluminum that we paint with your chosen color. The rear of the letter features clear polycarbonate that allows the light to escape. After dark, the illumination creates an attractive halo effect that bathes the darker letters in its glow.
  • Open face. If you love the look of naked neon tubes, this is the channel letter design to pick out. We create an aluminum letter body and customize neon tubing to follow the curves and angles of the product. As a result, the sign transforms into a creation with a unique character that reminds of the Art Deco era.

For superior versatility, you cannot go wrong with post and panel signs. The standard design features two posts that we mount in the ground. Between them, a panel displays your message. The use of the product determines its construction and optional add-ons such as lighting and decorative touches.

Best Uses for Post and Panel Signs
  • Temporary setups. Favored by property developers, real estate professionals and construction companies, these post and panel signs are big. They usually feature treated wood posts with a large panel that displays an imprinted vinyl overlay communicating the message. Whether you are selling homes and lots or renting out storefronts, this is an excellent option.
  • Monument signs. When you choose a post and panel sign to double as a monument, select a height that fits into your landscape. We frequently manufacture these posts using wrought iron, pressure-treated wood or aluminum. The panel, too, may feature metal; other options include HDU (high-density urethane), wood, or acrylic.
  • Wayfinding markers. For clients choosing this signage solution as a wayfinding product, the use of routed HDU, metal, or acrylic panels makes sense. These signs frequently also show arrows that point into the direction you want consumers to go.

The monument greets the motorist in search of your company. It signals to drivers where the entrance to your parking lot is situated, which allows for safe lane changes. Of course, the functionality of this signage solution goes further. In addition to addressing drivers, this product also presents your marketing and branding messages to consumers at large.

You have several style and display options open to you.

  • Wall mounts. When a retaining wall or similar structure surrounds your property, consider a wall mount monument. Instead of relying on a stand-alone product, you might add a lightbox cabinet or changeable reader board to the structure.
  • Pylons or cabinets. For tall displays, a pylon meets your needs. Choose a brick and mortar base or opt for a pre-fabricated foam monument. It displays your message via a box cabinet, lettering or a panel. Cabinets frequently feature acrylics and metal.
  • Post and panel setups. The post and panel display is already well known for its directional application. When you customize its appearance, it quickly doubles as a monument. Change the height, add decorative touches, enhance the attractive look of the panel or add illumination options.

Reel in foot traffic with the use of window graphics and wraps. Show off your products, set the tone for the customer’s experience inside your storefront or service establishment, and stand out from the competition with visually engaging images.

Best Uses for Window Graphics & Wraps
  • Suitable for any occasion. Choose seasonal graphics that underscore the current buying season. Ideal for winter holiday displays, there are also graphics to appeal to back-to-school shoppers and those in search of graduate gifts.
  • Incorporate social media. If you are a restaurant owner, and several of your guests are raving about a dish on Yelp or other sites, reproduce an image of the product and show it off on your windowpanes. This social media tie-in is a great attention getter.
  • Wraps hide unsightly vistas. If you have windows that allow glimpses into your storage room, employee lounge or only lead to the backs of shelves, cover up these unattractive displays with a wrap. Choose a perforated vinyl product that allows the sunlight to enter your venue while the eyes of passersby take in your advertising and branding messages.
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