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Members of the local business community order three-dimensional letter signs for displays in lobbies, hallways, and conference rooms. 3D Letter signs fulfill essential functions.

  1. Branding. When spelling out the company’s name and displaying it alongside the business’ logo, the lettering becomes a lobby sign that actively communicates a branding message. The choice of materials together with the depth of the lettering, as well as the mounting hardware, combines to present this message.
  2. Wayfinding. Label rooms within an office, clinic or other business. Use 3D lettering to spell out the name of amenities such as restrooms or the cafeteria. Meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by mounting the letters on panels featuring a contrasting color.
  3. Educating. Create buy-in among employees, trainees, investors, clients and customers by presenting messages that show off your company’s tagline, motto or vision. These are excellent signage products for hallways, training departments, conference rooms, and meeting areas.

Material choices include acrylic, metal, foam, PVC and similar supplies. Mounting options can consist of double-sided tape for flush mounts, standoffs and stud mounts.

Marking each room in your office, hospital, school or other venue makes wayfinding easy for visitors. Taking the guesswork out of finding the right location the first time enhances consumers’ experiences at your business. This frequently results in referrals and happy customers. Meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a snap when you work with our graphic artists. This is why ADA signs, room ID and nameplates are so essential.

  • Broad range of material choices. Opt for acrylic, metal or PVC to form the base for your room IDs. When you like to replace standard nameplates with vinyl window graphics, choose from etched or frosted appearances in multitudes of colors.
  • ADA compliance. Mounting locations and heights are just two of the requirements that your wayfinding signs must meet. Additionally, there are contrast rules and font selection suggestions. We help you identify the signs that must comply and design products that fit perfectly into your setting.
  • Versatility. Enjoy the flexibility of changing the names and designations of offices and rooms as needed. Frame mounts with changeable inserts make it possible to modify the description of any location within your office or other location temporarily or permanently.

Display one or more directory signs to make wayfinding easy for your customers, clients, students, or visitors. Whether you manage an office building or a department store, run a retail establishment, or oversee the management of an office, having the right directories in place can make the difference between losing a client (or customer) and gaining repeat business.

Typical installation locations include the elevator wall on each building floor, a building’s foyer, an office’s lobby and at corridor intersections in hospitals, schools or government buildings. Options abound.

Types of Directory Signs
  • Wall-mounted products. Choose from snap frame products with inserts or opt for a slot display with changeable blades. Select a model that is slightly larger than your current need. Doing so allows you to list multiple entries for one floor or office if needed.
  • Pylons. These directories stand in the middle of the flow of pedestrian traffic. They feature information on both sides. Display the directory with acrylic blades, as lettering on glass, or via vinyl overlays on metal. Engraved products also make sense.
  • Multi-panel products. Connect multiple blades to point in the directions of your choosing. Where they meet in the middle, spell out your business’ name, the floor number or just display your logo.

Introducing wall graphics and murals into your retail or office space has the potential to change the way that consumers interact with your brand. Educate customers and clients about your products and services, the facets of your community involvement, and about the national or even international reach of your brand. Within the educational setting, wall murals and graphics have long been used for wayfinding purposes, to inspire learners of all ages, and to beautify locales with long and tall walls.

What Are Your Options for Wall Graphics?
  • Murals. The mural treats the full length or height of your wall space. Choose from the display of digital images, collages of a variety of photos, location shots, or artistic renderings of a broad range of topics. Inside an office, a mural bespeaks your brand promise to the customer.
  • Wraps. A wall wrap is a lot like a mural, but it does not necessarily depict a particular image. For example, you might choose to change the look of your interior office or lobby by applying a wrap that repeats your logo in a subliminal manner against the backdrop of a company color. Adding pizzazz to your space alongside visual extras has never been easier. This setup is an ideal backdrop for your lobby sign.
  • Graphics. Spot graphics could depict images of customers using your products, product images, or detailed design blueprint of whatever it is that you manufacture, sell or service.
  • Lettering. Incorporate vinyl wall lettering in your mural design to explain what consumers are seeing. Doing so is an excellent way of presenting statistics and fiscal facts in a visually exciting fashion. (By the way, also consider a pairing with dimensional letters made from foam, acrylic or PVC to accompany wall graphics.)
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