Keto Atlanta Advertises Pruvit Keto//OS with Eye-Catching Banner in Kennesaw GA

Keto Atlanta is a thought leader in its niche. Its affiliation with Pruvit Keto//OS allows the business to help people kill cravings and curb their appetites with a new approach to nutrition. When the company needed an eye-catching banner in Kennesaw GA, its representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

A Banner Ties Together an Educational Display

The client needed the banner in place of a customized table cover. The ability to reuse the product and feature a glossy surface made a significant difference for the display. We started with a black backdrop and added the company’s name and logo portion in blue and white. The colors are perfect matches for the information that you see on tabletop pop-ups and promotional materials. It is easy for prospective customers to see the display, take notice of its content, and get answers to some initial questions.

Starting a Conversation with Banners

Eye-Catching Banner in Kennesaw GAThe banner is an ideal solution. It is also a good conversation starter.

  • Lobby display. Feature a banner in your lobby to highlight special offers. Seeing these displays gives your sales personnel an opportunity to up-sell services. Moreover, it may encourage your clients to ask about the specials.
  • Brand feature. Take a page from the playbook of Keto Atlanta, and use the banner as a replacement for a table cover. The change in texture and the shiny finish are sure to catch the attention of passersby. Moreover, you have the option of later reusing the banner as a wall-hanging advertisement.
  • Wayfinding tool. On the outside of a location, the banner becomes a wayfinding tool. Display your corporate name and logo alongside your colors. Doing so makes it easy for shoppers to locate your venue. It also reinforces your brand message.
  • Trade show presentation. Use the banner at your booth or hang it above your setup. The latter configuration ensures that consumers notice your presence even if they are clear across the hall. When you display the banner outside, it encourages interested buyers to seek you out inside the expo venue.

Components of an Eye-Catching Banner

Designing a banner takes expertise. Our graphic artist works with business clients who want to use this medium for their advertising needs. We start by narrowing down the proposed use of the sign. Do you want to highlight a brand message, advertise a new product or service, or feature a seasonal promotion? Each of these messages requires a different approach.

For example, brand messages put your corporate persona at the center of the banner. The emphasis may be on the company’s name and logo. Advertisements, on the other hand, let the persona take a backseat in favor of the product or service. Could you have a banner that features both a brand and a marketing message? Sure! However, we do not always recommend it.

How to Order Your Banner

Discuss your plans with our experts. We help you decide on the size of the banner, the material selection, and the preferred mounting method. Doing so determines the presence of pole pockets or grommets. Moreover, we ensure a perfect color match with your already existing marketing materials. Contact us today to get started on your project!

Eye-Catching Banner in Kennesaw GA

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