Monument Signs in Canton GA: What Are Your Options?

As you look around Canton, you notice construction and revitalization everywhere. Businesses are coming in; shopping areas are expanding, and streetscapes make walking enjoyable for shoppers. Against this backdrop, it makes sense to choose the right monument signs in Canton GA, to ensure that they will meet the design ideas of city planners. What are your options?

Concrete Monuments Underscore Your Company’s Longevity

monument signs in Canton GAConcrete is the type of material that lasts for decades. Combine it with rebar and bricks, or stick with the material itself for a presentation that catches the eye. Carving letters into the material allows for a timeless look. If you want the concrete to take a backseat to the lettering, paint it and focus your attention on metal or acrylic dimensional letters, LED signage, or channel letters. When you incorporate a color mix into the concrete, it is possible to create a decorative swirl design.

Aluminum Adds Pizzazz to any Setting

Aluminum monuments are relative newcomers to this signage group. They appeal because of their weather resistance and the opportunity to order built-in illumination. After dark, these lit markers look sophisticated and make an excellent impression. If you prefer, only add illuminated lettering, which changes the appearance of the sign. Combine an aluminum cabinet with a concrete pedestal, mount it to another aluminum structure, or directly install it with ground-mounting hardware. Embossed metal offers a 3D appearance.

Foam Monuments Combine Durability with Budget-friendliness

monument signs in Canton GAThese products usually come in pre-fabricated shapes and sizes. They do not rot or fall victim to insect damage. Installation is a snap, which cuts down on labor costs. The material is less expensive as well, which makes this monument the type of sign that is affordable for the start-up but looks like the signage solution the multi-national corporation chooses. Add your choice of lettering and accent details. Foam monuments can mimic realistic depictions of bricks, river rocks, and even lumber.

How Tall is too Tall?

The goal of monument signs in Canton GA, is to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians. The city’s zoning regulations limit the height of the signage as well as acceptable display locations. Usually, these products are between three feet and five feet tall. Installing them in your landscape is a good option to heighten visibility from the street.

monument signs in Canton GAWhen you are ready to invest in this signage product, invite our graphic artists out for a site survey. We visit your location, take measurements, and inspect the proposed installation site. Doing so prevents any last-minute surprises such as buried tree roots or underground pipes. At that time, we also discuss the positioning of the product. The goal is to attract as much attention as possible, and there is usually a sweet spot that creates ideal visibility from all directions.

If you are unsure which type of monument to select, we can help you with this decision as well. After taking into consideration the speed with which drivers go past your venue, we design a display that features ideally sized letters. Doing so helps with deciding on the shape, material cost, and overall presentation of the signage. Contact us today to schedule your site survey.

monument signs in Canton GA

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