Northside Hospital Assists Patients with Wayfinding by Installing Monument Signs in Woodstock GA

The Northside Hospital operates multiple medical campuses. One is situated at 2001 Professional Parkway in Woodstock. You find another one at 900 Towne Lake Parkway. Because there are various physicians and specialties assisting patients at these venues, it made sense to install detailed monument signs in Woodstock GA.

Monument Signs Combine Functionality and Great Looks

monument signs in Woodstock GAThe first sign features a cement base with a metal panel and top. The backdrop color is a light cream. We routed the lettering and numerals for easy readability. It features the address number as well as the names of the medical offices that do business at the location. The sign is angled to address motorists entering the parking lot.

The second sign is placed along the driveway that motorists use to access the doctors’ offices at the locale. Because there are so many different physicians, we used a backdrop panel with changeable blades. Doing so makes it possible to remove and replace one part of the sign if a tenant moves out and another comes in. We added a couple of extra blades to allow for empty office spaces to fill up. An arrow at the top of the sign helps drivers access the correct parking lot to visit all these offices.

A Closer Look at Monuments

monument signs in Woodstock GAThe monument is one of the most visible markers that you will put on your property. It introduces your brand, assists with wayfinding, and can significantly influence the impulse stop. As is the case with so many other signage products, one size does not fit all, and customization is the key to success.

Options abound.

  • Brick and mortar. The traditional monument is also among the longest lasting products on the market. Its lifespan measures in decades. We can create any size and design that suits your setting and property.
  • Concrete. Another durable signage setup, concrete is easy to replicate, which makes it ideal for clients who need multiple signs that are identifiable by size and design. Examples include municipalities, universities, and hospitals.
  • Pre-fabricated foam. Do not let the name fool you. These signs withstand high winds and are durable. They can be made to look like brick and mortar, lumber, or any other setup that you want to see on your property.
  • Aluminum. Save money with aluminum panel signs. Our clients like the option of having us dress up the material with imprinted vinyl overlays or push-through acrylic letters. Built-in illumination can greatly enhance the good looks of the signage.
  • Post and panel signs. More and more businesses now convert post and panel signs into monuments. They do so when the neighborhood’s overall atmosphere makes this signage fit in perfectly.

How to Buy Monument Signs in Woodstock GA

Our graphic artist is your go-to expert for the design of a monument sign that is ideally suited for your property. We help you with the design details, make suggestions regarding material selections, and assist you with the setup of the facing. We can work with specs you have or design the product from the ground up. Contact us today to get started!

monument signs in Woodstock GA

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