Queenie’s Southern Restaurant & Bar Beckons with a Building Sign and Window Graphics in Canton GA

Queenie’s Southern Restaurant & Bar serves lunch and dinner at 151 West Main Street. On the menu, you find sweet potato soufflé rubbing elbows with salmon mousse and pork cracklins. Before its official opening date in April, the company’s representative contacted us to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a building sign and window graphics in Canton GA.

Presenting a Brand to Hungry Guests

Building Sign and Window Graphics in Canton GAAfter consulting with our client, we put together a set of signage solutions that would show their brand message in style. For the window graphics, we created cut vinyl images of the rooster, which is a symbol that visitors to the restaurant’s website will be familiar with. We also placed hours of operation details on the entry door. The window features the eatery’s name in its iconic font rendition. This step is instrumental in creating brand awareness among new guests.

Building Sign and Window Graphics in Canton GAThe building sign displays as a dual-sided lightbox cabinet. We shaped it into a circle with a three-foot diameter and installed it perpendicular to the wall. The large surfaces show a red color with a white rendition of the eatery’s name. The width of the sign is black, which makes it fit in perfectly with the red brick building and black window casings. We placed it above the awning, which makes the sign stand out even more. Between the cut vinyl window graphics and the building sign, Queenie’s succeeds in presenting its brand message.

Other Restaurant Signage Solutions You Might Still Need

Building Sign and Window Graphics in Canton GAYour restaurant might already have its building sign and window graphics in place. But to keep up with the new businesses, you may need to present additional signage that keeps guests coming back. There are plenty of options open to you.

  • A-frame signs. The sandwich board is the classic restaurant sign. Feature your menu, present a daily special, or underscore your presence by placing it in the flow of foot traffic. Make changes as needed.
  • Flags. Flutter flags and similar products are not just for trade shows. In fact, you can use them to show off your brand’s colors as well as the name of your eatery. Children, in particular, respond well to flags. If your target demographic includes kids, consider these marketing tools.
  • Café barriers. They typically cordon off an outside seating area. But you can also use them as a low wall of advertisements. Choose vinyl that we can imprint with any information you like. We place it between the pylons and attach it to the cords.

Interior signage options include wall graphics, murals, wayfinding signage, and menu boards. The latter should be heavy on brand information, which helps the guest connect the meal choices with your brand colors and symbols.

How to Buy a Building Sign and Window Graphics in Canton GA

Building Sign and Window Graphics in Canton GADoes your café, restaurant, bar, or similar establishment still need signage to stand out? Whether you are opening for the first time, replacing existing signs, adding on to what is already in place, or otherwise tweaking the markers that you use to communicate with guests, we can help. Call us today to discuss your plans.

Building Sign and Window Graphics in Canton GA

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